Advertopia FAQ

  • 1. How Does Advertopia Work?
    Advertopia is an online advertising network that offers Advertisers the greatest possible reach and offers Publishers the highest possible CPM. We work with multiple Advertisers, Advertising Networks, and Aadvertising Exchanges to find the highest possible CPM on a daily and hourly basis. Publishers only need to place our Ad Codes once into their Websites and we automatically deliver the highest paying Ads.

    What is CPM? CPM is the 'Cost Per Thousand' where the M is the Roman numeral for 1,000. CPM is the most common method for pricing Web ads.
  • 2. What Ad Formarts Are Available?
    Our horizontal banner inventory includes: 234x60, 320x100, 320x50, 728x90, and 468x60. Our vertical banner inventory includes: 120x600 and 160x600. Our square banner inventory includes: 336x280 and 300x250. Our mobile ad inventory includes: 320x100 and 320x50.
    New ad formats are added regularly, please check back.
  • 3. When and How Do I Get Paid?
    We pay all Publishers that have reached a minimum balance of just $20 on a bi-weekly basis (Net15). Payments are only made electronically to your PayPal account and are processed on the 15th and the last day of each month.
  • 4. What Sites Do You Accept?
    Our advertisers only want to advertise on High Quality Websites with good content and a loyal following. As such, we only accept self-hosted Websites, not freely hosted Websites such as Blogspot or Weebly. Websites must have a good design and function correctly. Slow loading Websites or Websites full of Ads will be rejected.
  • 5. What Sites Do You NOT Accept?
    Our advertisers want every impression to count. As such, we do not accepts Websites that are hosted by free Web hosting providers, such as Blogspot or Weebly. We also do not accept Websites that fail to load, load slowly, are full of Ads, or result in multiple pop-up windows.
  • 6. Do you Accept Adult Ads?
    No, we do not accept adult Websites or Websites that contain gambling or illegal content. To earn the best possible CPM for our publishers, we work with high quality advertisers who do not want to associate their products or brands with adult content.


  • Websites must receive at least 5,000 impressions per month.
  • We do not accept Websites from free Website hosts, such as Blogspot Weebly. You must have your own hosting and own the domain name.
  • Websites must be functioning correctly, receive real visits, and must not host excessive Ads.
  • Websites must not contain or link to Adult, Gambling, Copyrighted, or Illegal content.
  • Websites must not encourange Ad clicks or be designed in a way to simply host multiple Ads to inflate earnings.
  • No auto surf, paid to promote or similar sites will be accepted. Applying for membership with these Websites will result in imediate account deletion.
  • You must own the Website that you submit. Submitting Websites that you do not own will result in account deletion.
    For more details, please review our Publisher Terms & Conditions.

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